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Eagles 2021 Season Lineup

Latest News

Eagles 2021 Season Lineup

Etowah Eagles Post Their 2021 Season Lineup

By Gerald Griffith 03/18/2021, 9:00pm EDT

Seeing this lineup means a lot. We're Ready

It's with great excitement that we share with the community the 2021 Etowah High School Football Season Lineup.  Simply seeing the teams and having something to look forward to is the burst of energy this team needs after a challenging season in 2020.

With their new head coach, Matt Kemper, the Eagles are looking to surge in the 2021 season and have an impact like never before.  If you've not been watching the past few years, get ready. The 2021 Eagles are Rising.

2021 Etowah Football Lineup

Etowah rising freshment take to the weight room

Rising Freshmen See Their First Day of Weight Training

By Gerald Griffith 03/16/2021, 6:00pm EDT

The Hard Part Starts Now for these rising freshmen at Etowah

The first day of High School Football is in the books for our rising freshmen.  The boys began weight training and are getting ready for the First Annual Strongman Competition on April 1st.

The kids are excited about working with the new head coach, Matt Kemper. Coach Kemper came to Etowah last year, but COVID made his first year with the team anything but normal. So, this year will be an opportunity for him to engage with the boys early and head into a new season ready to win.

The 2021 Strongman Competition will provide an opportunity for the boys to get into the weight room and start the process of conditioning their bodies and minds for winning. On April 1st, they will have a chance to show what they've learned and the progress they've made from this point.

There's still time to support your favorite player in the Strongman Competition, so please CLICK HERE for ETOWAH EAGLES HIGH SCHOOL to go to our donation page. If you want to support our up-and-coming Jr. Eagles, please CLICK HERE for JR Eagles.

Thanks for your support. We appreciate you.

Go Eagles

Jr. Eagles 8th Grade of 2020 Celebrate Their Season

By Gerald Griffith 02/27/2021, 1:15pm EST

8th Grade Jr. Eagles Celebrate a Season Like No Other

The Etowah Jr. Eagles celebrated the end of their 2020 season with an on-field banquet at Etowah High School. Their head coach shared words of encouragement and the team coaches presented players with awards recognizing their past season.

2021 EHS Strongman

2021 Strongman Competition Kicks Off

By Gerald Griffith 02/25/2021, 9:15pm EST

Are you strong enough?

The Etowah High School STRONGMAN Competition will take place on April 1, 2021. We will be competing in a World’s Strongest Man type competition. Please consider sponsoring your favorite player in this fun and exciting event. 

Our hope is that this will be Etowah Football Program's largest fundraising event to date. Your donations help make Etowah Football one of the finest football programs in the great state of Georgia and anywhere in the country. Your donation is tax-deductible and greatly appreciated. 

Your donation does make a difference, so join us today.

CLICK HERE to Donate Today

Go Eagles!

Lineman Challenge

By TD Club 06/28/2016, 2:30pm EDT

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